Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Fun

My family has started a little tradition since moving to Utah that we go on a sleigh ride and dinner every Christmas eve, or around there. Each year we have chosen a new place to try out till we have tried them all and decide which one we like the best. Usually they are out past Kamas way, way out in the boondocks but this year we hit up one at the Park City Resort and I think we have a winner!! In years past we have driven through white out conditions to arrive at the sleigh ride driving on icy, snow filled roads becuase snow plows don't go out that far just to have a little dinner. Although, last year we pulled a suburban out of a ditch and got $100 so that was exciting!! This year was a lot milder and we just drove up nicely scraped roads to warm blankets, well if dry and water proof is considered warm, on the sleigh all awaiting our arrival.

We all loaded up and took a lovely ride up the mountain to a lodge where we got to have plenty of photo ops with the horses and driver!!

(Snowed Inn)

Then inside we went to eat our delicious grilled menu of Chilli, salad, bread, Tri-tip, chicken or fish and then probably the best brownies and ice cream I have ever had in a very, very long time if ever!!

(Mr. Moose & Us)

(Our Driver and Family)

Then back onto the sleigh for a final lovely ride down the mountain. I would recommend a sleigh ride to everyone at least once in their lives!


SarahPreston said...

I really like that tradition!

Single Girl said...

maybe my family should go there next year. the homestead this year was sub par.

collinanddani said...

That looks like so much fun! Thanks again for dinner Collin and I keep talking about how good those pork chops were. And next time I am going to win at Smart A! I will!

Sarah said...

Looks like fun!