Thursday, October 14, 2010

Celina & Adams Wedding

The 5th of this month Celina my great friend got married to a wonderful fun guy. I have been friends with Celina from the time that I moved to Utah which doesn't seem all that long ago but now counting back it was a whopping 8 years!! Wow how time flies when you have too much fun. I have to contribute many years of good memories, laughter and lessons learned with Celina at my side. We met when we lived at Belmont and we were the youngin's, well she was a baby and I was a youngin', as we inflitrated the "old" crowd. We loved living across from each other so we moved to The Avenues the next year next door to one another. Our two apartments became best friends and most of us still are very close to this day. Celina loves to meddle and create a little drama in everyones life (said with love!!) and so does Kristen (again said with love!!) who were roommates and so we were led on many of fun adventures. A few examples 1) We prank called this one guy asking for Sam Temple but it wasn't one time and one person no I believe it turned into at least 20 people that called this "Sam Temple" with varying stories of how they knew him and how they got his number for at least a week or two 2) One of the roommies got a job at LDS Mingle and was able to get all of us free accounts. Of course that turned into two apartments all with laptops chatting with the same boys playing mind games and such. We even decided to create the "perfect" girl. She was a young school teacher that was half ethnic, her goals in life were to get married have children and serve her husband, she loved animals, long walks in the park and did service in her free time. We even had a line on our answering machine for her. Oh the boys that flocked, it was really funny (now I suppose a bit cruel for the boys)but that kept us going for months!! We even shared a twin bed that was at least 3 feet in the air that you had to climb on a box then the desk to the bed (yes it was my bed) for several months until we remembered the upstairs bedroom was empty and had a full size bed!! She has pushed me outside of my comfort zone more times than I wanted to but am grateful she did, she has been there for the bad and ugly and the good and pretty times. We did a "Summer of Fun" and planned a gazillion great activities so we wouldn't be bored, the summer I met Jesse as well. Anyways, I love Celina to death and was soo happy for her and being able to see her in the temple and getting sealed to the man she loved was a great day. It is always great to see one of your close friends on one of thier happiest days. So congrats Celina and I am excited for you to get home from your honeymoon so we can play again!!

This is What we Usually are Doing When Together

The Great Photo Booth

The Group of Girls

Outside the Provo Temple Looking Our Best

Thanks Sarah for taking all the pic's I would've been pictureless without you!!!