Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Water Disguise

My mom has purchased these before and I have tried them a while back and thought they were pretty tasty. I love lime and lemons in my water or soda or juice or really anything so this is great. There is not that bitter taste that is accompanied a lot of the time with the real limes or lemons when it is in your drink. I was checking out the website and you can even use it as a replacement for the fresh stuff in cooking as well!! It is crystallized lime or lemon juice so it has no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, zero calories and it makes you water taste ooh soo yummy!!! Just though I would spread the word to fellow water haters out there.

Monday, April 27, 2009

At Last

I have finished my last 20 miler in my training schedule this past Saturday and boy am I ever glad that is over with!!! It was HORRIBLE!!! I was tired and sore and tired and sore 80% of the time. If Kim wasn't running next to me talking up how much we LOVED running and that it would be over soon and that she was very sorry that I was not having the time of my life, etc, etc, etc. I would have seriously stopped at my parents house and gone to sleep on the couch!!! In the end we did finish and we actually ran 8 minutes faster than we did on the previous 20 miler we ran. So I suppose that in the end is all that really matters, time, time, time!!! If we are going for the "W" there isn't much time for enjoyment just to push ourselves. I am just glad the next few weeks are shorter runs and then we will get this thing over and done with.

Look at the difference from our first long run (WAY too excited)

Our last 20 miler, week 13,(Not excited at all)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Kinda Want These

I saw these online and would've loved these and yes still would for under my skirts. I was just telling Dani that I am always inadvertenly flashing people when I get in and out of the car in skirts, especially in Jesse's truck!! Kim can we get these at wholesale?? I wonder if they make them for adults??? So many questions with so few answers!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snowing Again....Seriously!!!

I can't believe that it is a blizzard outside when we were having nice warm sunny spring days!!! The flowers were starting to bloom and now they will be all gone!!! Soo sad I am really ready for the warm days and short sleeves!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thailand & Laos Pictures

Are finally up on the slideshow to the left, enjoy!

I Hate Water

I know you need water to survive and a good majority of people LOVE water. I personally hate the taste of water and very rarely crave water. While running I will MAYBE drink 8 ozs of water no matter how long or hard I am running. I don't go home and drink soda or juice or really anything I just don't seem to get very thirsty the majority of the time. So in order to tyr to comply with ALL the running articles, healthy living articles and any other article talking about your health in general I have fallen in love with crystal light to go packs. I can now drink about 32ozs of the flavored water without feeling ill or making a bitter water face. Thank you Crystal Light for your assistance in obtaining better health.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday Run

This past Saturday we had a 15 miler to tackle and I made Kim promise that she would run outside in whatever weather awaited us. Of course it was snowing and cold but I was bundled in my cold gear, jacket and hat so I would not be cold. I hate when my ears get cold becuase it makes my head ache something fierce. Unfortunately I was too bundled and at Harmons I was sweating up a storm and not enjoying the lovely snow storm at all. So we stripped down to our cold gear and hid our clothes in the fruit stand and resumed our run. Luckily my ears didn't hurt the whole time even though I was frozen solid. I did however hit a crack in the road and made a very ungraceful collision with the asphalt but thanks to being frozen I didn't feel a thing and was back up and going after a few moments of laughter on the ground. After running 15 miles we successfully ran completely around Orem which does not take that long in a car but on foot it is quite a trek. I suggested next week we should run errands on our run so at least we could stop in between!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


As some of you may know I was quite the little equestrian for the majority of my life and have just recently taken a sabbatical from it. I was just thinking back how much I loved riding, grooming my horses, mucking stalls (I know you wouldn't think that would be possible but it is satisfying), traveling to shows, competing, taking lessons and the long drives out to the barn where I got to think about my day. Riding was a very therapeutic activity ever since I can remember. When I was little and upset by something I would just run down to the pasture hop on one of the horses go for a ride and when I was done the world was all better again. At night I would lay down on the back of my horse and look up at the stars breathing in the hay, dirt and fresh air. I spent more hours at the barn than I did at my own house growing up. Instead of long summers playing with my friends, swimming in the pool, I had spent my summers at horse camps, showing, getting up at the wee hours of the morning to get to the barn to ride before it got too hot. Over my 20+ years of riding I broke 5 different bones, dislocated my shoulder, sprained my wrists and ankles a handful of times, been rolled over on, stepped on, slammed into several walls, thrown into fences,kicked and bitten but with all of that I still managed to learn about hard work, responsibility, patience, perseverance, how to handle disappointment and even how to run a business all just from riding a horse. It was a lot of work and sometimes a lot of pain but well worth it in the end. Hopefully one day at least one of my children will have the desire to ride horses and they will have the same wonderful experience that I did.

Best Lunch Around

Costco by far has the best deals in town, or anywhere for that matter, on affordable tasty food!! I can never get enough of a big fat polish dog with sourkraut, onions, spicey mustard and relish with a drink for a whopping $1.50. Jesse and I can eat there for under $10 and that is with 2 polish dogs, 2 drinks (unlimited refills for those thirsty days), slice of pizza and yes 2 churros all for under $7. Then I am full, Jesse is full and my pocket book is still full!!! What more can a penny pinching person ever want? Nothing I tell you nothing!!! So rush out to your local Costco and try some of their tastiness!