Friday, April 3, 2009

Best Lunch Around

Costco by far has the best deals in town, or anywhere for that matter, on affordable tasty food!! I can never get enough of a big fat polish dog with sourkraut, onions, spicey mustard and relish with a drink for a whopping $1.50. Jesse and I can eat there for under $10 and that is with 2 polish dogs, 2 drinks (unlimited refills for those thirsty days), slice of pizza and yes 2 churros all for under $7. Then I am full, Jesse is full and my pocket book is still full!!! What more can a penny pinching person ever want? Nothing I tell you nothing!!! So rush out to your local Costco and try some of their tastiness!

1 comment:

Single Girl said...

I miss Costco dogs!