Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Gym

So I have a goal to get back into the habit of frequenting the gym. So far....not so great but this week has been hopeful in at least starting that trend. I think I have decided that I will have to hire a work-out friend who will attend all the classes I want to and will not let me get out of going to the gym when I feel too tired (aka: lazy) or am really sore and don't feel like I can move for the next few days!!! So by the end of May maybe I will have moved past the need for the training wheels to get onto the workout kick. The invitation is out there if anyone wants to have a workout buddy at Golds let me know!!


The Gym Drop Out

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Reminiscence

Chatting with Celina the other night we got onto the topic of grapes and I remembered that while living in Fresno we would always have bags of frozen grapes to munch on because one of my roommates was a vintner major and had a few vines that she grew. Then I got to thinking how much I missed living in Fresno!! (okay for those of you who have actually lived in Fresno hear me out) That is I miss all the great fruit and vegetable stands that you could find pretty much all year round with great tasting produce. Also you had Fresno States Ag Store that had fresh ice cream that was to die for!!! Oh and lets not forget to mention all the great orange trees, Kiwi trees and Pomegranate that you could get as much as your heart desired!! My favorite were the strawberries that were dirt cheap and all the great squash, mmmmmmnnnnnn....grilled squash there is nothing quite like it!!! I don't think I bought fruit my whole time living there!! So that is what I miss about Fresno, no not the scalding hot weather, crime or lovely smog!!! Oh since I am reminiscing I didn't know there were mountains nearby Fresno until probably a year later when there was a clear day, that is how ugly the smog is!!! Oh and dairies!!! How on earth can one place stink soo bad?! That is the million dollar question!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yummy Snacks

I have decided that I love to munch on Craisins, not something I would have thought that I would really enjoy by the handfuls!! But I can't seem to stop tossing them into my mouth!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Big Apple

This past week was the girls trip to NYC with my mom,MIL, Sister IL, and three of my new aunties in laws. We got to stay at the Waldorf Astoria up on the 11th floor which had a great view of Park Avenue!! My mom and I took the red eye on Tuesday evening into JFK which would've been a good idea if our seats actually reclined a reasonable amount but as it was we were in the upright position for 3.5 hours!!! So we arrived, got our luggage and were off to meet the driver to take us to the hotel. Our driver gave us a nice commentary as we drove to Manhattan so we would have a feel for where things were. We were able to get an hours worth of sleep up in my MIL's room while they got ready for the day!! Then off we went to begin our trip!!!

The first day we walked around and got a feel of what was around us. We made a stop at American Girl which was absolutely HUGE and found a cute baby doll that looked just like Miranda that my mom and I were both wanting to get here but it was a twin and didn't come as a single!!!

Then we hit up Rockefeller Center and checked out the shops, ice skating rink and of course I can't pass up the mounted patrol!!!

Then we hit up Central Park with a lovely carriage ride

We did our one museum (Sad but true I don't really enjoy museums so I do the bare minimum)the Natural History Museum.

Butter Fly Exhibit

Mom Gazing into the Gorilla's Eyes

"Dum Dum wants a Yum Yum"

Yes this was a major reason we went to this particular museum to see the areas that were in the movie "Night at the Museum".

We also saw the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island which was fine, I would have to say it is definitely not worth the wait to get on the boat to go across. You get a way better view from the boat and you only get to go to the base of the Statue of Liberty but that did not stop us from having a little fun!!!

Also there was the walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in 3 1/2" heels (not a smart move in case you were wondering!!! My feet still are feeling the pain!!). The Financial District, 17th District Fire Station, Manhattan Temple, Macy's, Empire State Building, Circle Line Cruise and even a Protest against China!!!

1/2 There

NY Stock Exchange (They moved the Bull!!)

17th District Fire Station

Wall Street

Manhattan LDS Temple

David Letterman

Macy's Original Wooden Escalator

My mom Protesting against China (in the striped shirt & not Asian)

Mom & Me on the Circle Line Cruise

Tug Boat Pulling a Tanker Soo Cool!!!

We also saw three great plays that were all really fun in their own way. We saw Wicked, Legally Blonde and Lion King (my personal favorite). It was a ton of fun getting all dressed up for the plays and then we got dessert afterwards which is always great!!! So pretty much we had a wonderful time and definitely did not have enough time to really enjoy everything that there was to see!!!