Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Blessing Whirlwind

The past two months have been filled with baby blessings. I think my mother-in-law is sure I am making up the amount that I have been attending since every sunday she asks if we can come to dinner but I have to decline due to another baby blessing!! I think we have been to six in the last two months. I do love going to baby blessings becuase you get to be present for such a sweet time for a new member of the family where their dad is able to bless them and give them a name. The spirit is always soo strong and each are very unique and special to that little baby.

The last one we were able to attend was my cousin's baby boy from Boston who is quite the chunker!! He is huge next to my little neice and it was really funny to see how small she really looks. She is just shy of 4 months and he is 2 months

Of course getting to see family and freinds is always great about baby blessings as well!!

My cousin Nadia and I