Friday, November 30, 2012


My mom and I went to Thailand for 3 weeks to play with Breckan and Ames. We landed in Bangkok and stayed for three days and then went a little north to Ayutthaya for three days. Then over to Kanchanaburi and stayed for four days. Then we flew south to Krabi and went to an island called Koh Lanta that was wonderful. We stayed for a week on the beach and rode scooters, ate some good food and swam a lot!! Ames became a fish while over there!! Then we came back up and flew way up north to where Breck is living in Chiang mai and stayed for our last week. Breck taught us how to really drive in traffic on a scooter, where the good restaurants were and some of the beautiful places of Northern Thailand. We had a great time, got nice and tan and came home very relaxed!!!

Catching Up

Obviously blogging has taken a drastic slowdown over the past few years and each year I think that I am going to pick right back up. Well.....we will see how that plan goes. I will just do a long catch-up post and then attempt to stay current. This may work this time, who knows! Snowboarding with Jenna my SIL
Sewing Away
Youth Conference
Jesse Graduates College (one of the best days of my life!!)
Week in Oahu, Hawaii with Jesse
Family Reunions in Las Vegas & Utah
Watched the Olive Kids for a few days
Finished the Basement!! Hanging out with my Cute Neice's Miranda & Ames
Girls Trip w/ my Mom to St. George to Eat Some Good Food
Hanging with Jesse
Many YW Activities With My Talented YW
California Trip For My BBFITWWW's Wedding and Some Family Time
Thailand!!! (I will do another post for this one) Thanksgiving, YUM!!