Thursday, November 3, 2011

Camping In Moab

Jesse and I went camping with our friends over the summer in Moab to do a little off-roading and relaxation. Since Jesse and I have only been camping once since we have been married we needed to get our own camping supplies. We got a two room tent and some stakes.

The weather was of course HOT but it made playing in the river that much better. We did a little, okay a lot, of rock crawling and dune racing with our rented Razors.

We found this waterfall and dammed up area that was prefect to float around in the afternoons when it was too hot to do anything else!!

We had a crazed chipmunk chew through our lovely new tent to chew through the lid of a hot cocoa container. Then he didn't know how to get back out and pooped all around our tent in a panic, yeah super happy with that one!!

On our way home we stopped at Goblin Valley to see all the cool rock formations. It was too hot to spend as much time as we wanted but fun what time we did spend there.