Saturday, September 20, 2008

Unexpected Fun

Friday Jesse convinced me that I should go with him to watch him drag race his truck out at Rocky Mountain Raceway. Yeah lets just say that I was not all that thrilled to go with him and was worried he was going to do something to break his truck! If you know Jesse that is a valid concern. We arrive and I look around at the other people and think to myself, "yeah a bit white trashy". So we get signed up and my book in hand I make my way to the stands to wait for Jesse's turn. I happened to catch the end of the junior drag racing event which was soo cute!! The ages ranged from 8 to 18 and they had these tiny little drag racing cars and everyone's car was painted all cute or manly depending on the gender of their drivers. They went a lot faster than I thought topping 80 mph down to these two poor little kids cars who were getting to 25mph and had to be pulled off the track!! Then there were the motorcycles that went really fast and was cool to watch how they hung their legs down while racing which I am not sure what the point was but I am guessing it had to do with balance. Jesse was next in the truck division and he had two timed trial runs and then the start of the bracket eliminations. He did good on all of his runs but was beat out on the first bracket elimination(I will have to say that he was paired against the point leader in the division, but at least he did not red start it so he just has to work on a quicker reaction time. We had a lot of fun and it was fun to see Jesse all excited and strategizing how to make his times better.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Growing up we had lots of different dogs and I have always enjoyed having a dog around. Those dogs were inside/outside dogs that ate what was given to them and overall lived a pretty healthy life. So we get little Charlie and I venture out to the pet store to get some supplies and food for him and am bombarded with soo many choices from toys to food!! So since I have love for googling things I started googling dog foods and chew toys for puppies. Let me just tell you there are TONS of research, forums and websites about the various dog foods. So I went with one that was a reasonable price and a good list of ingredients so little Charlie would grow up strong and healthy since most of the companies will have you believe that your dogs life span will be cut in half with poor quality dog food!!! So I purchased it and discovered that Charlie really could care less about eating his food and would go crazy trying to eat the neighbors dog food! Jumping forward I go in to register Charlie for puppy training class and the facility also happens to sell premium natural dog food and after a good hour and a half of discussing the food, costs, talking to a nutritionist and then finally told of the cash back guarantee of the food I was walking out with fish oil, canned dog food and a 33lb bag of new dog food. Needless to say dog owing has taken a whole new turn and I am a little worried if I can live up to all of Charlies needs!!! Good thing he can't talk!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My New Obsession

I was chatting with my friend and she was going on and on about this blog called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Saying that now she wanted to marry a cowboy and live out on a cattle ranch and home school her children!! If you knew my friend you would know that is the EXACT opposite of what she usually thinks of as her "ideal" life. Actually that would be my dream life and my friend was the city girl with her sophisticated children that would have to come and visit during the summers to learn about getting dirty and the facts of life!! So I figured I should check out this blog that had so moved my friend to change her perspective a whole 180 and become a country bumpkin'. For the past four days I have been been absolutely, completely hooked to this blog!!! I am currently on the mini memoir about how Marlboro Man and Pioneer Woman met and fell in love, man is it soo sweet!!! How I love a good cowboy story!! Anyways everyone should just take a peek at this complex, amazing, interesting and fun blog.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Goulding Athletic Acomplishments

This weekend I ran the Provo Trail Marathon Relay with my speedy sister Breckan, my lightening fast neighbor Cassidy and trusty neigbor Biz!! We had a great time running, eventhough we did have to get up at 5:30 which we all agreed was too early to have to get up!! Cassidy took the first leg and was the first girl to make it to the transition point where Breckan scrambled to meet her. Off Breckan went on her ridiculous extra 1.5 mile loop then shot down the canyon as fast as her little legs could carry her. Then Biz jumped in and got an energy burst and shaved a minute off her regular running pace to meet me over at good ole' Shopco where I jumped in and nervously ran behind Shopco strangely all by myself (not sure why we were all spread out so far) and took up the tail end of the race. It was a lonely last leg but I did get sung to by a group of runners, passed some racers, poured my own cup of water (my station seemed to be abandoned) and managed to make it to the end without walking and I shaved a minute (give or take) off my usual pace as well.

Moving onto Jesse.....Well, Jesse LOVES downhill biking and always wants to start racing and become a pro (we can all dream). This weekend there happened to be the state championships at Sundance so he got up early and entered the race. He did really well and took second out of 16 in his division, only missing first by 5 seconds. He had a lot of fun and was exhausted by the end of it but was excited to have done as well as he did since he hasn't been riding really at all this summer due to the intense vacationing we have been doing!!! So he is now vowed to get into some of those spinning classes I am always trying to drag him to so that next year he will be ready to roar down those hills like the Pros!!!

Selling My Life Away

I have made a conscious effort to sell all my horse items, except for my coveted top hat that I am still justifying that if I were to get back into showing in the future that my head size won't change and it is soo beautiful on my head and works great with my face shape that I shouldn't sell that, oh and my shadbelly and boots are also in that category but are cataloged just in case I decide they should go. I think it has officially taken a year and a half to really get serious about it and actually go through everything, photograph it and price it out. So that way I am organized when someone comes to buy stuff. So far it is going well, I have sold a few items to a few people so that is a start. I am not as sad as I thought I would be selling it but I do find myself thinking that I might want to hold onto a few things "just in case" but I quickly shake that thought out of my head and put whatever item it was back into the trunk and walk away for a while until I have gotten control of my senses!! If anyone wants some english tack let me know!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Joy of Waxing

While Katie was in town I thought I had better get on the ball and purchase my wax pot and supplies so I could get those hard to self wax areas!!! I have always had an infatuation with waxing, don't ask me how it started I am not quite sure except that I like the pain of it!!! My first experience was with Nads, which I hated!!! Soo messy and man was it painful!! I think the first time I did my leg I had welts for a few days and it definitely brought me to tears! After that I took up tweezing any hair while watching tv, talking on the phone, hanging out with the roommates or any other down time (I learned that little habit from Chloe my french roomie). Somewhere in between Nads and tweezing I tried the bleaching for the lip which smelled terrible and really wasn't all that great. Then I discovered the joy of microwave hard wax!!! I went crazy with it, waxing all that excess hair off me and anyone else that would dare to let me give it a try on them!!! The only complaint I had was that I would have to move quickly to finish the job before the wax cooled and I would have to reheat it in the microwave! Then I did some research and discovered that wax pots weren't that expensive and that I could save a ton of money doing the job myself without the time constraint of microwave wax! I have never lost the love for it so I am now a proud owner of my own wax pot and both hard and soft wax so if anyone needs a good waxing just stop on by!!! Below is a little insight into the joy of waxing!!

(Oh did I mention Jesse had to learn to be my personal wax technician)

(My sweet little wax pot)

(The end free!!)