Saturday, September 20, 2008

Unexpected Fun

Friday Jesse convinced me that I should go with him to watch him drag race his truck out at Rocky Mountain Raceway. Yeah lets just say that I was not all that thrilled to go with him and was worried he was going to do something to break his truck! If you know Jesse that is a valid concern. We arrive and I look around at the other people and think to myself, "yeah a bit white trashy". So we get signed up and my book in hand I make my way to the stands to wait for Jesse's turn. I happened to catch the end of the junior drag racing event which was soo cute!! The ages ranged from 8 to 18 and they had these tiny little drag racing cars and everyone's car was painted all cute or manly depending on the gender of their drivers. They went a lot faster than I thought topping 80 mph down to these two poor little kids cars who were getting to 25mph and had to be pulled off the track!! Then there were the motorcycles that went really fast and was cool to watch how they hung their legs down while racing which I am not sure what the point was but I am guessing it had to do with balance. Jesse was next in the truck division and he had two timed trial runs and then the start of the bracket eliminations. He did good on all of his runs but was beat out on the first bracket elimination(I will have to say that he was paired against the point leader in the division, but at least he did not red start it so he just has to work on a quicker reaction time. We had a lot of fun and it was fun to see Jesse all excited and strategizing how to make his times better.


Single Girl said...

sounds like goooooooood times

Dink said...

nothing like a little white trash festivities to round out your week! It was fun though I will have to admit.

collinanddani said...

I was thinking we should do a girls temple trip one of these nights! Would you be up for it? We could ask Andrea too and then Chris could watch the babies..