Thursday, September 18, 2008


Growing up we had lots of different dogs and I have always enjoyed having a dog around. Those dogs were inside/outside dogs that ate what was given to them and overall lived a pretty healthy life. So we get little Charlie and I venture out to the pet store to get some supplies and food for him and am bombarded with soo many choices from toys to food!! So since I have love for googling things I started googling dog foods and chew toys for puppies. Let me just tell you there are TONS of research, forums and websites about the various dog foods. So I went with one that was a reasonable price and a good list of ingredients so little Charlie would grow up strong and healthy since most of the companies will have you believe that your dogs life span will be cut in half with poor quality dog food!!! So I purchased it and discovered that Charlie really could care less about eating his food and would go crazy trying to eat the neighbors dog food! Jumping forward I go in to register Charlie for puppy training class and the facility also happens to sell premium natural dog food and after a good hour and a half of discussing the food, costs, talking to a nutritionist and then finally told of the cash back guarantee of the food I was walking out with fish oil, canned dog food and a 33lb bag of new dog food. Needless to say dog owing has taken a whole new turn and I am a little worried if I can live up to all of Charlies needs!!! Good thing he can't talk!!

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