Monday, September 8, 2008

Goulding Athletic Acomplishments

This weekend I ran the Provo Trail Marathon Relay with my speedy sister Breckan, my lightening fast neighbor Cassidy and trusty neigbor Biz!! We had a great time running, eventhough we did have to get up at 5:30 which we all agreed was too early to have to get up!! Cassidy took the first leg and was the first girl to make it to the transition point where Breckan scrambled to meet her. Off Breckan went on her ridiculous extra 1.5 mile loop then shot down the canyon as fast as her little legs could carry her. Then Biz jumped in and got an energy burst and shaved a minute off her regular running pace to meet me over at good ole' Shopco where I jumped in and nervously ran behind Shopco strangely all by myself (not sure why we were all spread out so far) and took up the tail end of the race. It was a lonely last leg but I did get sung to by a group of runners, passed some racers, poured my own cup of water (my station seemed to be abandoned) and managed to make it to the end without walking and I shaved a minute (give or take) off my usual pace as well.

Moving onto Jesse.....Well, Jesse LOVES downhill biking and always wants to start racing and become a pro (we can all dream). This weekend there happened to be the state championships at Sundance so he got up early and entered the race. He did really well and took second out of 16 in his division, only missing first by 5 seconds. He had a lot of fun and was exhausted by the end of it but was excited to have done as well as he did since he hasn't been riding really at all this summer due to the intense vacationing we have been doing!!! So he is now vowed to get into some of those spinning classes I am always trying to drag him to so that next year he will be ready to roar down those hills like the Pros!!!


Single Girl said...

Good work! I am glad to see fellow single girl Biz was invited along!

Dink said...

Yes singles are always included in my adventures they are usually a bit more fun and less tied down!!! That is why I love you!!

collinanddani said...

Happy Birthday Jesse! from-the Brinks