Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 Push-up Challenge

I was reading my friends blog and she had this one hundred push ups challenge"> on her blog. Since I can barely do 2 push-ups I thought this might be something cool to work on. Celina I will give it a try too!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Race Completed

I completed my first goal of running in a race this past weekend by running in a 10K up at Soldier Hollow. I got my sister to enter the race with me which was a lot of fun because it is always great to get to do something with my sister. As I get older and less in shape she kicks my trash almost always but it is still great to have her along. Besides it makes me more competitive so that I push myself harder than I would without her there. The race was mostly off-road and really hilly but that was the best part because you were always changing scenery, terrain and people. My favorite part was after mile 4 when my body finally got to the autopilot stage and just kept moving without much mental effort. I love when I get there!!! So I completed it in 1:12, so better than I thought but plenty of room for improvement. The next move is the ProvoTrail relay marathon in September.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yummy & Fun to Make Treats

So I was at Sur La Table, which I do not pronounce correctly so don't ask me to say it out loud, with my mom purusing the shelves when to my joy I saw this nifty cupcake pan that was on sale. Of course I purchased it becuase who doesn't like a fun cupcake?! That is right everyone does, everyone!! So I made my first batch on Saturday and then made some yummy chocolate frosting on Sunday and finished them off. Overall the pan was great and the cupcakes were delicious!! I even cut a hole in the cone part to fill it up with frosting to see how that would taste, needless to say I was on a bit of a sugar overload about 1/4 of the way through.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A New Addition - Charlie

So we have added a new addition to the household, yes that is right a puppy!! I know I can hear the groans now but don't worry I won't be walking around talking like a baby to him and he will not be dressed in outfits but he will be in a baby jogger until he gets big enough to go running with me!!! We got him yesterday evening and so far he has been a champ with everything that I have thrown at him. He has met the neighborhood dogs, slept in a crate all by himself, been perfect with his potty training, rode all the way to work in the jogger with only one tipping out incident, laying quietly next to me at work, meeting tons and tons of new people and even a cat! He is cute as can be and I am excited to have him added to the fam!!

Olive Family Reunion Napa, CA

After all that fun we had with my friends and family we hit up Jesse's family fun with the reunion in Napa. As always we had loads of fun where we were able to get all our volleyball playing, card gaming, photo shooting, go carting, swimming and of course shopping needs met!! I have really loved being a part of Jesse's family because they are such a fun bunch of people!! How lucky I am to have married into a great extended family as this!!

Home Sweet Home California!!

WARNING: Long Post Below!!!

Jesse and I were able to fly back to my home town for five six days and visit with my brother and his family and some of my friends. We were joking that it felt like marathon dates with some of our friends because we were trying to cram soo many activities with each person all in day! I love getting to spend time with my nephews any chance I get and this trip we got to do a lot of fun things with them. It is amazing how fast they grow up and how old they think you are!! Luckily the same day we arrived we got to hit not one but two pools for some swimming and diving festivities with the neighbors and then to a great little Thai restaurant down the road.

We got to do a little pottery decorating in with Nicole. My sister-in-law now has a lovely platter from Jesse and a camping mug from me. Then we went to Sushi at one of the best places called Makuni's.

Katie, Jesse and I went to lunch, bowling, mini golf, the movies and then pizza all in one very hot and smoky day!! I think Katie and I spent more time hanging out in the water features on the course than actually golfing!!

Then we got to go boating in the good ole' Grasshopper who was looking smashing in his lovely green paint for the remaining four days that we were there.


Jessica and the boys returned from Tahoe where they were visiting my parents to some more sushi and another fantastic place!! Then we got to hit up this amazing pizza place called John's Incredible Pizza which is a 5 star Chucky Cheese! After some fun and crazy pizza flavors, the two most interesting were the mac & cheese pizza or the peanut butter & pepperoni pizza, we hit the arcade games and were able to rack up over 2,000 tickets for my nephews to purchase a lovely lava lamp and some smaller prizes.


There are even several fair rides like bumper cars, a small roller coaster and this crazy ride called Twister which made me want to hurl (that takes a lot of spinning to get me there)!!!

Jessica was gracious enough to not only cut both Jesse and I's hair but to color both of ours as well!! I am very lucky to have such an amazingly talented sister-in-law whom I can trust with my precious head of hair. I am not very picky about most things but when it comes to my hair I am a bit paranoid.


The last day were went to this fun little deli with HUGE sandwiches called Sundance, made me smile because I love Sundance, then went mini golfing indoors at this crazy glow in the dark place that is full of monsters!!

Then to top it all off Mason lost his tooth on the way back just in time for all of us to witness before we headed off to the Olive family reunion!!

What a great trip!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dog Sitting Molly

Nicole has let me borrow Molly on Wednesdays for a little while so I take her running to work in the morning and then convince Jesse to come and get me in the afternoons. Today though I ended up driving so Molly was all hyper this morning wanting to play. My sister ended up coming home for lunch and was going on a run so I thought perfect molly and I can join her for a little lunch run. Poor Molly was exhausted half way through and all she wanted to do was lay in the shade whenever we came across some. Here she is passed out on the floor....Poor Molly soo tired!!