Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Race Completed

I completed my first goal of running in a race this past weekend by running in a 10K up at Soldier Hollow. I got my sister to enter the race with me which was a lot of fun because it is always great to get to do something with my sister. As I get older and less in shape she kicks my trash almost always but it is still great to have her along. Besides it makes me more competitive so that I push myself harder than I would without her there. The race was mostly off-road and really hilly but that was the best part because you were always changing scenery, terrain and people. My favorite part was after mile 4 when my body finally got to the autopilot stage and just kept moving without much mental effort. I love when I get there!!! So I completed it in 1:12, so better than I thought but plenty of room for improvement. The next move is the ProvoTrail relay marathon in September.

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amberdawn said...

Wow!! Good job for running the race! You are amazing. Next time, let me know and I'll enter with you!