Saturday, May 21, 2011


It is seriously the best thing in the world to be an Aunt. You get to spoil your little neices and nephews and play with them and rile them up then send them off to their parents when they get cranky and tired. I was checking on my online album and saw some cute pictures of my wonderful neices
Cute Miranda slurping up the spaghetti!!

Ames chowing down on her BG (Baby Goat)

Charlie's Hair Cut

Natalie comes over and helps me clip Charlie every few months but this time it has been a bit longer. So he was quite hairy for Charlie!! Natalie suggested we give him the "Lion" cut that is typical of a Water Dog which I have never done on Charlie because I think it makes them look silly but I was feeling adventurous so we printed off a picture and had at it!!

He is soo little looking when he has no hair so now he looks even tinier!! He seems pretty happy about it though but I am sure the other dogs are snickering behind his back~~ I know I was the whole time we were clipping him!!