Saturday, December 27, 2008

Purses, Purses & More Purses

I was thinking that this Christmas I would make some homemade gifts for some of the family members and so I started thinking what could I make them that a)they would use, b) they would like and c) I could feasibly do it in the amount of time that I had (2 weeks). I was going to whip out some knitted convertible mittens, beanies or socks and then I woke up and remembered that I wasn't a magician and I needed to come up with a better idea! So I decided to do a few hand made gifts and get the rest the normal way via the store!! I found a fun sewing pattern for a purse so I set off to the fabric store and discovered an abundance of fabulous fabric to choose from. After some close calls pulling fabric off the shelves my mom and I hauled our choices up to the cutting counter. The poor employee wasn't quite prepared for our 8 different fabrics and various amounts that we needed for each and our numerous questions about sewing as she was trying to cut straight, apparently that is a difficult task to do. I jumped right into cutting, measuring, pinning and ironing the fabric and before I knew it I had my first purse!! I loved it, personally I think it is amazing but I am a bit biased!

I started on the second one, this time I thought I would go off the beaten pattern and made a few changes but lets just say I should learn from my prior mistakes and not do that till I was a bit more prepared and of course had more time!! So instead of smooth sailing like the first one I had some MAJOR isssues!!! Unfortunately I didn't get the second purse done in time for Christmas but I did learn how to make the changes and so next time around it will be perfect!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Annie M. Design

I am hosting a fabulous Jewelry Party for Annie M Design. She is my cousin but luckily does not have any of my inadequacies in creativity she does amazing necklaces and bracelets. Some of you may have seen my cute pearl necklace with the tons of amazing charms on it, that is one of her designs. You can also go through her hundreds of decadent pendants and have a custom necklace or bracelet that will be all your own!! The party is this Thursday at 7:00 pm at my house so drop on by and take a look!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Jesse and I got to attend the Nutcracker on Saturday evening with Kristen and Scott. I had never been to the Nutcracker so I was pretty excited but Jesse was far from excited and kept trying to get out of going. As you can guess I won out and he went and of course loved it just as much if not more than I did. He always resists my ideas but in the end loves them I think he just likes to make things difficult. Anyways, the dancers were great and let me just say they have amazing calves, thighs and butts!! (See Below) It made me want to go dancing around leaping in the air on my toes, yeah like that will ever occur but it is fun to think about being able to do!! So go and see the Nutcracker it is well worth it!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Wish List Continued

Yes I have been asked for my Christmas list to be posted so this is really for those that have requested it not for anyone else, so you can just scroll past this to those cute dresses!!

180's ear muffs with headphones

Fun Decorative Hooks to hang my necklaces off of

This Great little Indoor Herb Garden Grower from Williams Sonoma

This Cute Earring Tree or something similar

A Relaxing Massage

A relaxing Pedicure to tame my wild feet

More to come....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

This is soo cute as well I hope I win!!!
Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

Darling Dress

This little dress is soo cute, it may be my next project. Okay so it might be a bit overzealous to do it but hey why not go big!!! Thanks Tiff for finding it!!

Thanksgiving Ginger Bread Houses

Whenever we have Thanksgiving at my family's house my sister and I are in charge of building and manning the gingerbread house decorating for the kids. This year I was on my own since my precious little sis is far, far away and unable to help me. So luckily I roped Sarah into helping me build ten of them a few days before Thanksgiving so as to give them time to fall apart if they were poorly constructed, which is usually the case when I build them but this year they held strong sans one. Pretty good track record if you ask me!! So we managed to get them all there and get the kids set up with their own houses, frosting glue, candies and supervisors for the little ones. It is always fun to see what the kids come up with and how their creativity goes wild!! I was the designated twizzler designer for all the houses and made wreaths, hearts, stars, flowers and even an attempt at a snowflake and a smoking chimney. Overall, a great time was had by all the little kiddies and they came away happy and on a sugar high, always a good thing with children!!
Setting Up

Having Too Much Fun

Cutest Cake Pans Ever

In my internet surfing I came upon Williams-Sonoma's really fun cake pans!! I want all of them too bad they cost soo much!!