Saturday, December 27, 2008

Purses, Purses & More Purses

I was thinking that this Christmas I would make some homemade gifts for some of the family members and so I started thinking what could I make them that a)they would use, b) they would like and c) I could feasibly do it in the amount of time that I had (2 weeks). I was going to whip out some knitted convertible mittens, beanies or socks and then I woke up and remembered that I wasn't a magician and I needed to come up with a better idea! So I decided to do a few hand made gifts and get the rest the normal way via the store!! I found a fun sewing pattern for a purse so I set off to the fabric store and discovered an abundance of fabulous fabric to choose from. After some close calls pulling fabric off the shelves my mom and I hauled our choices up to the cutting counter. The poor employee wasn't quite prepared for our 8 different fabrics and various amounts that we needed for each and our numerous questions about sewing as she was trying to cut straight, apparently that is a difficult task to do. I jumped right into cutting, measuring, pinning and ironing the fabric and before I knew it I had my first purse!! I loved it, personally I think it is amazing but I am a bit biased!

I started on the second one, this time I thought I would go off the beaten pattern and made a few changes but lets just say I should learn from my prior mistakes and not do that till I was a bit more prepared and of course had more time!! So instead of smooth sailing like the first one I had some MAJOR isssues!!! Unfortunately I didn't get the second purse done in time for Christmas but I did learn how to make the changes and so next time around it will be perfect!!


SarahPreston said...

I love them! I'm very impressed with your sewing abilities!

Jake & Kayla McIntire said...

They're beautiful!