Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Ginger Bread Houses

Whenever we have Thanksgiving at my family's house my sister and I are in charge of building and manning the gingerbread house decorating for the kids. This year I was on my own since my precious little sis is far, far away and unable to help me. So luckily I roped Sarah into helping me build ten of them a few days before Thanksgiving so as to give them time to fall apart if they were poorly constructed, which is usually the case when I build them but this year they held strong sans one. Pretty good track record if you ask me!! So we managed to get them all there and get the kids set up with their own houses, frosting glue, candies and supervisors for the little ones. It is always fun to see what the kids come up with and how their creativity goes wild!! I was the designated twizzler designer for all the houses and made wreaths, hearts, stars, flowers and even an attempt at a snowflake and a smoking chimney. Overall, a great time was had by all the little kiddies and they came away happy and on a sugar high, always a good thing with children!!
Setting Up

Having Too Much Fun


SarahPreston said...

I feel bad for who ever got my houses that I put together

Dink said...

no they held together great!!!