Thursday, December 11, 2008


Jesse and I got to attend the Nutcracker on Saturday evening with Kristen and Scott. I had never been to the Nutcracker so I was pretty excited but Jesse was far from excited and kept trying to get out of going. As you can guess I won out and he went and of course loved it just as much if not more than I did. He always resists my ideas but in the end loves them I think he just likes to make things difficult. Anyways, the dancers were great and let me just say they have amazing calves, thighs and butts!! (See Below) It made me want to go dancing around leaping in the air on my toes, yeah like that will ever occur but it is fun to think about being able to do!! So go and see the Nutcracker it is well worth it!!


Josh & Sarah Teare said...

i have always wanted to go. Good for you! So cultured you are to go to the ballet!!!

Dink said...

I have Kristen to thank for my culturing this year!!