Monday, June 30, 2008

1st Anniversary!!!

Jesse and I have reached our 1 year anniversary!! Man does time fly by!! I feel like it was just a few months ago when we got married and moved into our house!!! We have had a great time so far and are looking forward to many more years of traveling through life together and enjoying the adventures that will come our way!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New York, New York

(Sippin' Lemonade)
Jesse and I went to New York for our first year anniversary trip to visit our friends Sam and Erin for five days. Luckily for us we were able to stay with Sam and Erin in their amazing little apartment in Long Island City with an amazing view of Manhattan. We had soo much fun checking out all the fun areas of New York. My mom would call and give me suggestions of places to go from what she had seen on Food TV so we got to hit up some great little restaurants. We found the top place to get philly cheasesteak sandwiches, Jesse still thinks Davonci's is still the best though. We had organic doughnuts with fresh squeezed raspberry lemonade, delicious deli sandwiches, black and white cookies, yummy thai food and a lot more!!! We got half price tickets to Phantom of the Opera which was a lot of fun and a great musical to see. It is amazing that even though it has been out for years and years it still sells out, even standing room does, every night!!! Of course we had to go to Canal street and hit up all the back rooms to get some purses, jewelry and watches, for the guys, which was quite the experience following people down streets into these tiny back rooms!!! The last day we hit up Coney Island and were both a bit disappointed in it. We did ride the ferris wheel though which was a bit scary but you could get a great view of the whole park and ocean. We learned how to get everywhere by the subway and found that New Yorkers are really helpful when they see that you are trying to figure out how to get somewhere. Overall a great trip and something that we will always remember for years to come!!!
(Mobile Art)
(Riding the Subway)
(Eating Yummy Pizza)
(Phantom of the Opera)
(Riding the Ferris Wheel)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Starting our Summer of Fun (Season 2)

Last year Jesse and I were fortunate enough to be able to go on a ton of amazing trips throughout the summer and we always talk about how much fun we had. So we had been talking that we wanted to plan at least one trip where we would be able to have some fun inbetween work and school(for jesse) to just relax. The opportunity arose to go and visit Erin and Sam in Long Island, NY, for a few days so we purchased the tickets and are all packed and ready to go to the airport!! This year is going to be another fun filled summer vacationing with all the older cousins on Jesse's side have gotten engaged and are getting married. We will have three weddings to attend, two family reunions and a personal trip for myself to visit with the hometown friends and family back in California. Bon Voyage!!!

First Day at the Pool

Saturday I got up and decided I was going to hit the new pool and get some sun rays since I haven't seen the sun in a year at least!! I packed up my laying out items and grabbed a few books to read and headed out. 3 1/2 hours later I am a lobster and the next five days I was paying for that lack of attention to my frying skin!! Now I am to the peeling stage and hating it but at least I can wear clothes now!! I will be diligent in lathering up with the sunscreen next time out!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Missing In Action (at least for my husband)

I would like to put out a public apology for getting everyone all worried about me being missing in action!! I was going along doing my calling getting out the branch newsletters and was over at the newer area where Chris and Pria were home and invited me in for a little chat. Well, one thing led to another and my chatty self led me to eating some food, checking out the basement, talking about all our branch's fun activities meanwhile losing track of time. So thank you all for your concern but I was safe and sound chatting away!!