Thursday, June 19, 2008

Starting our Summer of Fun (Season 2)

Last year Jesse and I were fortunate enough to be able to go on a ton of amazing trips throughout the summer and we always talk about how much fun we had. So we had been talking that we wanted to plan at least one trip where we would be able to have some fun inbetween work and school(for jesse) to just relax. The opportunity arose to go and visit Erin and Sam in Long Island, NY, for a few days so we purchased the tickets and are all packed and ready to go to the airport!! This year is going to be another fun filled summer vacationing with all the older cousins on Jesse's side have gotten engaged and are getting married. We will have three weddings to attend, two family reunions and a personal trip for myself to visit with the hometown friends and family back in California. Bon Voyage!!!

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Fiagle Family said...

Sounds like your summer is about as crazy as ours.. My phone fell in the toilet so I dont have your number! You need to email it to me. Cause if you are going to be in Fresno let me know or something...if you arent to busy!!