Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Reminiscence

Chatting with Celina the other night we got onto the topic of grapes and I remembered that while living in Fresno we would always have bags of frozen grapes to munch on because one of my roommates was a vintner major and had a few vines that she grew. Then I got to thinking how much I missed living in Fresno!! (okay for those of you who have actually lived in Fresno hear me out) That is I miss all the great fruit and vegetable stands that you could find pretty much all year round with great tasting produce. Also you had Fresno States Ag Store that had fresh ice cream that was to die for!!! Oh and lets not forget to mention all the great orange trees, Kiwi trees and Pomegranate that you could get as much as your heart desired!! My favorite were the strawberries that were dirt cheap and all the great squash, mmmmmmnnnnnn....grilled squash there is nothing quite like it!!! I don't think I bought fruit my whole time living there!! So that is what I miss about Fresno, no not the scalding hot weather, crime or lovely smog!!! Oh since I am reminiscing I didn't know there were mountains nearby Fresno until probably a year later when there was a clear day, that is how ugly the smog is!!! Oh and dairies!!! How on earth can one place stink soo bad?! That is the million dollar question!!!

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