Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday Run

This past Saturday we had a 15 miler to tackle and I made Kim promise that she would run outside in whatever weather awaited us. Of course it was snowing and cold but I was bundled in my cold gear, jacket and hat so I would not be cold. I hate when my ears get cold becuase it makes my head ache something fierce. Unfortunately I was too bundled and at Harmons I was sweating up a storm and not enjoying the lovely snow storm at all. So we stripped down to our cold gear and hid our clothes in the fruit stand and resumed our run. Luckily my ears didn't hurt the whole time even though I was frozen solid. I did however hit a crack in the road and made a very ungraceful collision with the asphalt but thanks to being frozen I didn't feel a thing and was back up and going after a few moments of laughter on the ground. After running 15 miles we successfully ran completely around Orem which does not take that long in a car but on foot it is quite a trek. I suggested next week we should run errands on our run so at least we could stop in between!!


Single Girl said...

I hate running right now.
I have been sick for weeks.
Running would kill me.

I can barely walk to my car without needing a breathing break.

Good work. I think Im dying.

B and K said...

Your running is so hard core compared to our measley 5K's. Do you run in the half marathons around town? There's a ton of them going on.

Dink said...

I ran in a marathon relay with some friends and then a 10K other than that just training for the Ogden Marathon in May and then I think the Provo 1/2 marathon in August, that is if I can still make myself run!!

Sarah Preston said...

I can't believe you did that! If that was me I would be stopping every change I could for bathroom and water breaks