Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Kinda Want These

I saw these online and would've loved these and yes still would for under my skirts. I was just telling Dani that I am always inadvertenly flashing people when I get in and out of the car in skirts, especially in Jesse's truck!! Kim can we get these at wholesale?? I wonder if they make them for adults??? So many questions with so few answers!!


collinanddani said...

Ha ha that sure would solve that problem!

Single Girl said...

buy them NOW

{april kennedy} said...

Hey Dareth!

I'm Lynnette's friend in Napa and met you a few times. I found your blog on Lynnette's facebook page. Hope you don't mind me peeking from time to time. I totally want in on those "over panties" too!

Dink said...

Everyone is always welcome!! I love people that comment!!

I would love them but not sure if they come in my size!!!