Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Hate Water

I know you need water to survive and a good majority of people LOVE water. I personally hate the taste of water and very rarely crave water. While running I will MAYBE drink 8 ozs of water no matter how long or hard I am running. I don't go home and drink soda or juice or really anything I just don't seem to get very thirsty the majority of the time. So in order to tyr to comply with ALL the running articles, healthy living articles and any other article talking about your health in general I have fallen in love with crystal light to go packs. I can now drink about 32ozs of the flavored water without feeling ill or making a bitter water face. Thank you Crystal Light for your assistance in obtaining better health.


Sarah Preston said...

I'm addicted. I drink 2 quarts of it a day.
mmm raspberry ice :)

The Crawfords said...

I don't go anywhere without my water bottle and crystal light packets! Water makes me gag!!