Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Temple Square

My parents have a boy from Thailand staying with them for 2 months who is a member and he had wanted to visit the Salt Lake Temple. Since today lured us into a false sense of hope that it would be a warm and sunny day my mom and I headed up with Ben to do a little sight seeing at Temple Square. Although the weather tricked us and it was cold and overcast in Salt Lake we had a lot of fun. Ben did not want a tour although we were offered many of them instead he thought my mother and I would suffice in our slow and loud talking to make sure he understood what we were saying. Overall, we did an exceptional job and he seemed to really enjoy himself. We learned some new things about the temple and he got to learn a lot more. We also were able to watch the Joseph Smith movie which was well done and I actually stayed awake this time so I was able to enjoy all of it instead of bits and pieces. It is amazing what you learn if you stay awake!!


Single Girl said...

did you guys pick him up while you were out there?

Dink said...

Yes we did, we just loved Thailand soo much we had to bring back a youngin'.