Friday, March 27, 2009

Goal for This Week

Coming back from being gone for 3 weeks somehow causes disarray in my house. It may be becuase I have left Jesse home to leave things around and the dirty laundry in nice piles on the floor and the dishes still in the sink or becuase I have dropped all my luggage on my floor and am slowly unpacking every day but my house is a MESS. I hate organizing, cleaning and figuring out what should and shouldn't be thrown away. I have some weird attachment to inadement objects in that I think I MAY need it sometime in the near future even if it has been sitting in a box for 3+ years, now that I know it is there I am sure I will use it. Yeah you would think after doing this numerous times with the same items I would catch on that I am NEVER going to use the item and I can throw it out or give it away but no it somehow conviently slips my mind. But spring is coming back and it will be time for another garage sale so I guess I should just make a big garage sale box in the garage where I won't have to look at it and be tempted to bring that junk (someones treasure) back inside the house!!!

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