Friday, March 27, 2009

Forward This

I love email forwards mostly becuase it is something that breaks up my day of staring at the computer and working on documents. They also get me thinking about all the crazy things out there and all the many things that I don't know. Like these past few forwards...

1) Sit down in a chair and lift your right foot and turn it clockwise and then try to draw the # 6 in the air, your foot will automatically change direction to turning counterclockwise. Try it you cannot make it stop from changing directions.
2) This amazing artist paints huge 3-D murials on building walls. Eric Grohe is his name and he has an awesome talent that is just shocking. Check out his website to see more of his amazing work. Below are just two before and after pictures of his work.

3) Color test: You are given several screens that have a word that is a color and are colored a different color that the word. You have to click on the answer that is what the word is colored as not what you are reading, harder than you think. It took me twice to get a 100% and some others I know 3 times. Give it a whirl and give your brain a workout today!!

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Single Girl said...

you do love forwards