Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Did It!!!

I have been struggling to get to the gym oh since before Christmas and the marathon training schedule is looming in the very near distance. Since the usual motivations weren't working like meeting someone at the gym or meeting my goal of losing weight or just feeling better so I had to go to purchasing fun things for running that I will be excited to try out thus making me run!!! I know a weird and probably backwards methodolgy but hey I had to do something I was desperate. So I purchased these great ear warmers with headphones built in them that work great!! Oh and I of course got them at 50% off so I thought why not!!

So that wasn't a strong enough draw to actually run more than around the kitchen in them so I had to go further, yes I bought myself a GPS & Heart Rate Monitor Watch that has probably, okay definately, more options than I will ever use but the reviews are amazing and I got it at over 50% off so why not?!
It is a Garmin Forerunner 305 and I am looking forward to this workout wonder assistant!!!

So after all that and Celina agreeing to meet me at the gym in the morning but I would have to call her while I was on my way, motivated me enough to get out of bed so that I would be ready to do my long run outside with my new ear warmers and GPS/Heart Rate watch this Saturday!!! As the alarm went off I only laid there for a few minutes and rolled out of bed and off to the gym to pound out 5.5 miles on my first day back. I feel great so far and am looking forward to tomorrows little jaunt on the good ole treadmill, at least at this moment I am!!!


Single Girl said...

I feel really good! I am glad I am getting back on a morning routine. My dad would laugh, I barely used to make it at 7, and now 6am on the DOT!!! LOVE IT

Dink said...

We are amazing!!!