Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Presents

As I have gotten older along with my siblings Christmas has changed from exciting to sad to say a bit ho hum. Luckily my siblings have graced me with some little nephews and a niece to bring back all the excitement and glee I used to feel when Christmas rolled around. This year since we were going up to Jesse's families house on Christmas Eve and forward we did an early dinner and presents.

Some reason I always have a picture of my rear end when people have a camera around me, not sure what it is but I think my rear must be mesmerizing or something!!

My little Niece is two now and has fully realized what presents are and has enough of an attention span to open all her presents and be super excited about it!! It was soo much fun watching her tear open the packages and then jabbering about each present and wanting to immediately play with whatever she got or wear it!!

Of course I forgot to bring her present in my crazed rush to get over in time after ruining the sweet potatoes!! So we got to extend Christmas to this past weekend when her cousin's present arrived back from my parents trip out to see the other grandkids way out in California. Going along with the homemade theme I made her a cute TuTu which was surprisingly easy to make and looks really cute.

Of course we did have fun opening our presents as well and had some help from Miranda in opening them and displaying them for pictures!!

Miranda helping out Papa open his present

Me and my cozy socks

Brittney and her stylish new purse

My mom and her new Aebelskiver Pan I am waiting for a yummy aebelskiver!!


Single Girl said...


also I still have your present.

SarahPreston said...

If your mom needs to practice making aebelscibers and needs someone to eat them let me know

Dink said...

She probably will we should have her make us breakfast sometime!!

Fiagle Family said...

Sorry we never got to meet up stupid snow!! haha I am so jealous of your horse ride how fun. You need some knitting needles for your moms pan. thats how you flip them. They are sooo yummy have fun. PS love the butt pic