Friday, January 9, 2009

Charlie's New Tricks

We have been working on Charlie's obedience since we got him and he has been doing really well. He even got bumped up to the next level in obedience class he was soo smart!! Jesse has been working on all the fun tricks while i am the drill sergeant with the basics to make him well behaved one day!! So far Charlie knows sit, stay, down, come, leave it, drop it, wait and easy from me and shake from Jesse. Jesse has been hard at work on the next trick roll over and last week it clicked and Charlie rolls over really well now!!

Charlie also loves to play in the snow. At work while we go on our walks Charlie is constantly running and jumping into the snow as much as he can. He will be very sad when the snow melts! I like to encourage his running in the snow becuase it makes him tired so I throw his toys way into the snow so that he has to jump through the snow!!
Video to come it is being a pain

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