Friday, January 23, 2009

Sundance Film Festival 2009

Yesterday afternoon Celina and I went up to Park City to hit up a a movie at the annual Sundance Film Festival. Last year we saw Frozen River and really enjoyed it. Thus we had high hopes that this years pick Big Fan would be just as good.
Sadly, not so!!

Big Fans main character Patton Oswalt was way too pathetic of an individual who had no aspirations of even getting enough money to actually attend the Giants game let alone get a better job or move out of his mom's house!! Overall it was far too long of a story that didn't really go anywhere. We did score a great free parking spot so we didn't have to deal with that hassle at least.

I was given the name of a little cafe called Windy Ridge Cafe to try in Park City that was supposed to be good. I always like to try new places so I was pretty excited to see if it could be another one of my Park City favorites. We arrived and were seated, as we were perusing the menu I came upon Meatloaf and corn bread which sounded delicious. Celina decided upon the chicken and Pesto lasagna because she loves pesto and wanted something hearty as well. We double checked with the waitress as to how the Meatloaf and lasagna both were and we were assured that both were excellent and were patron favorites. When our food arrived Celina was not impressed with her meager portion and bland taste and my meatloaf was so finely ground that it melted in my mouth almost. Melt in your mouth meatloaf was not anywhere close to what I was wanting or expecting out of a nice big piece of meatloaf!! I think we may try the bakery out back next time instead of the cafe again. Oh well there is always El Chubasco and Davanza's to eat at still and be very satisfied!!!


Single Girl said...

OK I was describing his pathetic–ness to my mom and I couldn’t believe how pathetic he truly was. NOT EVEN A LITTLE loveable.

Remember that once time when your meat loaf was light and airy and melted in your mouth? Like it was a delicate pastry or something. VOM

Remember that once when my lasagna was like soup? VOM

Remember that once when Kneaders dessert hit the spot, and we talked for hours and had fun laughing about double cheeseburgers and fry oil and dating and marriages and our crazy lives/friends and the dumb movie and tow companies and snow and the weather and out families and babies and dogs and blogs? That was a good time for sure!

Dink said...

Oh I for sure remember all those quite vividly, some I wish I could forget!!!