Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reality Check

It is official, yesterday was the first day of training for the triathlon in August. Jesse's response was, "this is way too easy I should be working harder!" I just laughed and told him to wait and see what he thought in a few weeks and to just follow the plan. I love to work out with Jesse becuase he is the typical guy who hits the gym full force no matter how long it has been since he was there last. I have that attitude till I actually get to the gym and then reality knocks me over and I work out within my limits. Nope not mister Testosterone!! He is running at my speed and shorting his walking and complaining that it is too easy. Meanwhile, I am dying with my run (would like to note that mine was 4 3/4 mile sprints at 7.8 on the treadmill not the same as Jesse)wishing it was over and that I could do Jesse's. Oh to be a man and have all that machoness. Gotta love em!!

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Sarah said...

:) That sounds about right!