Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Place to Eat...Fusion Asian Grill

Tonight the siblings and I took my dad out to dinner for a Father's Day treat. Since the golfing adventure is out due to my dad injuring his knee and being out of commission for a while!! If you know my dad he loves any kind of asian food, even the bad stuff so I thought it would be nice to find a new asian place to eat. I went onto Utah Diners Guide and started searching and came upon this place called Fusion Asian Grill in Provo. It serves Chinese, Japanese and Korean food so that pretty much meant a winner for what I was looking for. Also next door is a mexican creamery, I know strange huh, so what could be more asian food with some mexican dessert!!!

It is located in the crappy shopping mall off state street in Provo and 1720 North diagonal from DI. I am hoping that this little place will make it inspite of the location!! Anyways the service was great, they were attentive to all our needs before we thought to ask them!! They had a chinese movie on a projector for us, pulled the shades, got drinks and rice and dinner for my little niece before we ever needed to ask for it, gave advice on the menu about what "Americans" usually liked or disliked, and the best part the food was great!!

So if you are looking for a fun new and tasty place to go try the Fusion Asian Grill.

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