Monday, June 22, 2009

I Hate Needles

I loathe being poked by needles!!! I have always hated shots for as long as I can remember and have always tried to avoid getting poked by those dang needles. I have had several unpleasant instances with needles that have reinforced my hatred. Well I have to have my blood drawn every so often and have been very blessed in that the two guys that have been drawing my blood for the past two years are pretty much amazing and I rarely even feel a thing. These two wonders have sadly moved on from the doctor's office and have been replaced by incompetents!!! I will give them that my veins aren't the easiest to find but if you can't find them get someone else that is better at it!! I have one lady try twice and she met the 2 poke limit and she went in search of someone new. The second lady checked out my arms and decided she wasn't going to do any better and went off to find another lady. Then the third one comes and thinks she has found a vein and pokes me to no avail. But no she doesn't just pull it out she stabs it further into my arm moving it all around trying to hit a vein!!! Then she moves to my other arm with no luck as well. At this point I am ready to run out of there screaming and am about to suggest I come back another time becuase I am not sure I can handle anymore. Then she says well lets try on your wrist. She pokes her needle in and of course gets nothing!! Yeah and then continues poking it around, at last she got something and I filled two lovely vials before she pulled that little bugger out!! Now I have needle marks all over my arms that are going to bruise very nicely! I am seriously contemplating changing doctors so I can get my blood drawn elsewhere!!!

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Esther Noelle said...

Ahhh! I'm right there with ya! I hate people who stink at that! I've had people poke me 4 times and then I'm left with huge bruises all over my arms and wrists and hands! Ugh! Yuck! I feel your pain!