Friday, June 26, 2009

Business Trip

My dad injured his knee so he had me come along with him on this past business trip to California. I was less than excited about going becuase we were doing three days of due dilligence sessions which equals hours of document reading which can put the most awake person fast asleep!! Luckily being in central California the food can redeem any boring meeting that I may have to endure! In Reedley we swung into a drive thru mexican restaurant called El Mexicano, let me just say this was the most divine Mexican food I have had in a very, very long time. That was great but the best part was they also had Sno Cones which is probably one of my most favorite things of summer!!! I can eat at least 2 a day and these snow cones were amazing!!! The ice was a perfect cut, the syrup was rich but not too sugary and it actually stayed icee and didn't ever in the 45 min it took to eat it get melty!! Pretty amazing!! Then we went to the Vineyard in Madera which is a great place that I guess has been around for at least 50 years. The bread and dip is out of this world and I would just want to eat that daily. Then we hit up one of the many fruit stands along 99 and had the most amazing raisins. they were the size of a small prune and were the juiciest raisins I have ever had!! Oh how I miss all the yummy fresh veggies and fruit that are dirt cheap on the sides of the road!!! Oh and lets not forget the Thai place that we ate at in Banning that had amazing Sum Tum and this Watermelon shake that reminded me of my trip to Thailand!!
Yes, I do love food and my thoughts do wander constantly to the topic!! Thank you California for making my tummy happy!!

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