Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Votes Needed!!!

Okay so I am going to have my hair cut tomorrow and I have been trying to decide how I want my hair cut. I have been using this website to check out different styles on my face and now I have narrowed it down to a few. So I want others opinions on what looks the best on this long face of mine!! Something to keep in mind is the new do is for my trip to Thailand where I will not have a hair dryer or other styling appliances. Please vote asap as I am getting my hair cut at noon on Thursday!!!

Here are your options:
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:


collinanddani said...

I say #2 but I also really like #3. How long will you be gone?

Kim said...

My vote is also for #2! It's very cute, plus it looks like it would be the easiest to do w/o necesities like a blow dryer or flat iron!

Dink said...

I will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks.

Breckan said...

I definately like three the best. Just fyi... most of the places we're staying (if not all) will have sockets that are compatable with plugs from home. You could pack a little dryer if you wanted.

Cunning said...

Option #3! Want me to cut it for you?

Dink said...

Yes Kris I would love for you to take scissors to my hair!!! Hmmmm;...NO!!!