Friday, February 20, 2009

I Wear Many Hats

My job title is Vice President in the company as a Financial Advisor but I don't just do financial stuff I am a personal chef for the President, secretary, supply manager, cleaner, tax preparer, accountant, shuttle driver, travel agent, mediator and now IT. Yes I have expanded my horizons and my job description too!!! My dad's computer crashed and so we got him a new hard drive and memory to help out his overtaxed machine but for some reason I was given the job to fix the computer. I think the assumption is that all "young" people are proficient with computers, let me just tell you that is far from the truth!! So after trying to avoid replacing the hard drive for a few weeks the computer finally stopped working so I had to do it!! I had done some research and discovered that you needed some other items to transfer over all your information from one to the next but didn't quite understand all the terminology so I was a bit lost. Against my ever encouraging husbands advice I forged ahead and proceeded to take apart the laptop and then discovered that the hard drive was on the side not the bottom of the computer and it slid out!! Go figure!! After an 30 minutes I figured out that you had to switch a few items off the old hard drive and onto the new one to get it to fit back in that little slot and voila it was in. Well....that is when all my problems started. Yes I then had to figure out how to load things back on so two days later I got everything loaded onto it and figured out how to transfer the missing drivers onto it so I could get the internet up and running. So today it is official the computer is up and running better than before!! And yes I did go running down the stairs cheering in triumph becuase that is me not very subdued in my many faceted life!!

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Single Girl said...

about time you did something useful!