Friday, November 21, 2008

Neighbor Kids

(Disclaimer: This is just a google search picture not the real children)
I would like to just share a great story about my neighbor's little girls. I had a few hula hoops left over from our garage sale that I thought they might enjoy playing with so I told them to come over so I could give them a surprise. Since little kids are always very reliable when they are going to get something they came over one evening to pick up their surprise. I gave them the hula hoops and then asked them if they knew how to hula hoop and both assured me they did and that they could even jump rope with! They then gave me a wonderfully humerous demonstration of their jumping and hulaing skills and instructions on how to properly hula hoop. Luckily I have many great neighborhood kids that always put a smile on my face and brighten my day with their funny sayings and amazing talents!! Thanks for having fun children that I get to enjoy!!!


Kim said...

Yes, they have been thrilled with their surprises thank you! I can only imagine the "skills" they showed you!

Dink said...

They are VERY talented!!! Your girls are great!! I am sure Crew will be just as great when he is their age!!