Monday, November 24, 2008

Amish Friendship Bread ...........the Real Story

I had never heard of Amish Friendship Bread till Andrea dropped by with a bag of starter, directions and a few muffins to try. As she was explaining about Amish Friendship bread she was saying that a friend of hers loves it and couldn't find the recipe anywhere and eventually had to purchase the starter becuase supposedly "only the Amish know how to make it". Then I was talking with my mom about it and she was saying that some starters were really old like hundreds of years old. I of course just went along with these assumptions, until last night when I discovered that Amish Friendship bread is ALL over the internet!!! I found at least ten sites that not only tell you how to make the starter but the detailed and labor intensive (okay not really labor intensive but it sounds good) 10 day instructions that you can print off. So all my fantasies about this ancient Amish secret have been dashed and crushed and I am not sure how I will go on. I will make more Amish Friendship bread and next I am doing a sourdough starter, which interestingly enough I discovered that Amish Friendship Bread starter is a Sourdough starter sans the milk. I have discovered a lot about starters last night through my accomplise Google. Thanks Google for making me a bit smarter last night you always come through. Oh and here is a funny article about Amish Friendship Bread.

P.S. If anyone would like a Amish Friendship Bread starter I will have about 7 to give away, the bread is yummy to eat an excellent treat just let me know.


collinanddani said...

So...does this mean I don't HAVE to make mine? I can just start it up whenever I want? Oh the freedom!

Single Girl said...

Ok so I am excited for the starter experiment post thanksgiving. I was thinking that I would make mine in a wodden bowl with a cloth, I mean the Amish didn't have ZIP LOCK did they?

Dink said...

No this still means you HAVE to make yours becuase I need to see if it is just my retardedness in baking or it is the starter!!!

Celina - I am excited too and I found some other sites that had you put it in a container and stir with a wooden spoon. There is also one that is experimenting with cutting the whole additions down to 1/4 each time to make less starters so you don't always have to pass them out to everyone. I am trying that next!!

SARAH said...

You know what I was thinking about that in church. The bread that keeps giving. Crazy. I am in.