Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Shopping

As the Holiday Season comes close I am starting to plan on what I am getting everyone and how much everything will cost so we can budget it in. I get soo overwhelmed with christmas shopping becuase I hate trying to figure out what someone wants and when I do finally decide on something then I am worried someone else will get them the same thing or that they hate it and return it. Thus, I try to avoid purchasing gifts for anyone and leave it to the last minute. This year I am working on it being a bit different but we will see how it pans out. So far I have Jesse bought for (becuase he picked out part of it) and that is all!! I have to come up with something cool for my sister and her husband that will hold up on the way to Thailand with our's and Thailand's amazing postal service, all of my immediate in-laws (which the lovely Jesse is absolutely no help whatsoever), my parents (which as most kids feel with parents that they have everything and what they don't you can't afford and they always say "whatever you give will be wonderful") and a few friends (not as hard here becuase most will just give me a straight answer). So yes I am feeling the anxiety building up slowly and starting to push it back as far away as I can but hopefully I will get my act together and start the present shopping!!


Single Girl said...

just start online shopping. THATS what I did!

(DISCLAIMER: you will end up with lots of stuff for yourself if you do this)

Dink said...

I have noticed I have a new shirt, sweater and jeans when I was shopping for Jesse, causes a slight problem with the budget that way!!!

Single Girl said...

I ended up with the HOBO clutch I've been wanting, a pair of boots, sensible heels for work/church, a coat and SCUBA classes

WOW...maybe it has gotten out of control