Sunday, October 11, 2009

Onesie Extravaganza

I first saw these babies about two years ago on my friends friends blog and saved the picture for a new craft to do one day. With my sister-in-laws baby shower coming up I thought that would be a great gift to give that is cute, unique and personal. Luckily Danni has been making them like mad over the summer so I had an excellent teacher to help me along the way. Then Nicole called me and told me about this cute idea of a bunch of onesies and toys strung up with clothes pins in a basket. So I went with that idea and got a cute basket and found some really cute little baby clothes pins and away I went. It turned out really well and will definitely be a future baby shower gift.


Single Girl said...

i am JEALOUS. They are so cute.

Kayla McIntire said...

These are adorable.

The Crawfords said...

You need to teach me!!!!