Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jesse's Birthday Bash

Jesse is finally a quarter of a century old!! I have been there for some time now so it is nice to have him reach that milestone! For the special occasion I decided that I would put to work my cake baking skills and make him a homemade chocolate cake. Fortunately it turned out well and was way more delicious than if I had bought a cake from the store.

(Somehow whenever there is a camera around my butt finds its way into a solo picture)

(I can't resist licking the serving utensils)

(My "Edgy" sister)

(Doesn't it look delicious, yes all three layers)

(Good thing I have lots of help from my friends!!)

(Jesse's second birthday cake that I made at his parents house)

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Kayla McIntire said...

Happy birthday Jesse! Dareth your cakes look great, unlike mine (we all saw that blog posting).