Saturday, October 3, 2009

Logan Marathon

I was talked into running another marathon and this time it was a bad, no fun day!!! Well...the first 18 miles were actually wonderful and I ran them faster, happier than last run but then it just got downright ugly!! I believe they call that hitting the wall and man did it hurt!! Needless to say I am glad I am done and will not be doing another ever again!! Cassidy was also talked into running by myself and Kim and I think she, okay know, she had the same feelings about running as I did!!
(Cassidy and I's early morning start, we were soo happy looking)

(Very glad to see some familiar faces)

(Starting to feel the Pain)

(Just hoping and Praying that It will be Over Soon)

(Cassidy and I Finally Finished)


Kayla McIntire said...

You are awesome! You do all the things I want to (well "dream" to at least). You amaze me!

Fiagle Family said...

was your body just not ready for another one?? i want to train but it so hard to find time...right now a 7 mile is all I can stand. One day you still have to run with me:)

B and K said...

I was watching a show last night about the IronMan- man, those people are intense and amazing! What an accomplishment- you could totally do it!!

amber said...

A-maa-zing! You are amazing.