Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Project Overdrive

I get a bit stir crazy and love having tons of projects becuase it makes me feel productive. Also it is getting cold and this is when I start up my knitting festivities but I am feeling bored of knitting so I have been tinkering with sewing. Lately I have been sewing quite a bit and have fallen in love with all the cool fabrics and dreaming up the things I can try to sew. My sister-in-law is expecting and has been talking about wanting a car seat cover/blanket. So in my strange craziness I have been googling away and oogling away as well to get ideas and I think I have found what I am going to make.

There is a killer sale going on at the fabric store and I want to try and knock one of these off. So if you want one let me know so then I will have a deadline and will finish it before the cold weather ends!! The fabric sale ends on the 10th so if you want one let me know before then and what color schemes you would like and I will try to work around those. Or you can pick your own fabric and bring it over. I think I will need 2 yards of a minky fabric and a 100% cotton or other similar type of fabric for the outer layer.


Fiagle Family said...

look at you miss crafty pants...get out here and help me make some curtains and pillows. :)

Dink said...

oooh that would be fun!!! I need to make some pillows of my own!!

Kayla McIntire said...

These are cute. If I was having a baby, I would want one but all of my kids have 4 legs and a tail.

I've done some pillows to match the valences my grandma made me while she was here (she used to own her own drapery business).