Friday, May 1, 2009

Goings On In My Head

Sometimes these thoughts come to me and I can't stop thinking or Googling about them. Here are just a few of my millions of quandaries throughout the day:

*How is it possible to weigh more after you go to the bathroom than you did before going???
*How do you not know you have 4 testicles and how does that even happen??
*What does the different colors of snot mean again?? (I am not sure how I don't remember that but every year I am looking it up several times)
* How is it that one person can have such rank gas and there be nothing wrong with them??
* Why is the gym so hot and where are the fans!!
* Is there something you can take that will make you poop on demand without having to do it continuously?
* Why does water taste so nasty?

Sorry if some of these thoughts are a bit gross but that is what goes on in my head!


Sarah Preston said...

I know how to make you poop at the same time everyday. It's a stupid nursing trick. Let me know of if you want the info.
I don't understand why they have the fans at my gym off. That seems stupid to me.

Single Girl said...

i like water

Dink said...

Yes I do want to know the details!!!

Jake & Kayla McIntire said...

These thoughts don't surprise me at all. In fact, I think we talked about these a lot in Fresno. I sure miss those days!

Dink said...

Me too!! Me Too!!! What fun we had!!