Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chauffeuring to Prom

Last weekend Celina called me up and wanted to know if I would be interested in being a Chauffeur with her to take Morgs and her friends and their dates to Prom. I of course asked if we would be dressing the part and the answer was YES!! So I thought about my outfit, set it out hours beforehand, borrowed a lovely black and white cap to match and was ready to go. Now Celina rarely does anything half way and this time was no exception. She had her mom's black expedition decked out with globes, a privacy curtain, sparkling cider served on a platter at each pick-up, cheese, cracker & fruit trays hand served, fruit & fruit dip, dessert with princess crowns for the girls sent to their table, photography moments, background music and of course a little awkward questioning!!!

Being a prom chauffeur brought back all those fun memories of High School dances and the excitement of getting ready and going out with your friends. Oh to be in High School again!!!
(if you would like to check out all the lovely pic's from the evening go to Celina's blog and scroll down a few posts)

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Sarah Preston said...

your outfit is awesome!