Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Holidays as a Pair

So this year was our first year where we had to share our time between both families. My idea was to start off with the rotating of holidays between each side. So we started with Thanksgiving at Jesse's parents house for a weekend filled with fun and more fun. As Christmas rolled around Jesse and I talked about how we would just be spending it with my family because my brother's family were coming out to visit for Christmas. Well as soon as my brother's family bailed all the plans to just hang out at my families went out the window (partly because my parents didn't care too much as long as we did christmas eve and we came over for part of Christmas day!!). So Christmas eve we went on a sleigh ride and dinner which was soo much fun but really cold!! Jesse even got to pull a suburban out of a snow drift on the way there so he was really happy!!! (That is his favorite thing to do and we are always pulling people out wherever we go in his truck!!)

Christmas Day was great, we spent the night over at Jesse's families and opened presents there. It is fun because everyone is still excited about opening presents so that made it more entertaining to watch everyone! Then we drove down to my parents and opened our presents and got ready to go snowboarding.

In my family, since everyone is grown and older we try to do fun activities the week of Christmas instead of doing lots of presents. So we did snowmobiling, ice skating, skiing and of course eating out. Ice skating this year ended ugly with my dad slipping and cutting the back of his head open but here are some happy pictures before the incident!!

Part of the Family

It was fun to have our first set of holidays together and be able to see how it would go and enjoy his side of the traditions and him to experience ours!


Lee Family said...

fun pictures! I love Christmas. I just hate the 3 months following it, but we're almost through it!

Dink said...

It will be spring soon and we will be able to be outside!! Yeah!!!

Matt, Meggan & Ty said...

Hey Gouldings!! I just found out your bloggers...actually I'm stalking you, watch out! J/K I found your blog through the Taylor's. BTW I need to come visit you Dareth for the month!!

Fiagle Family said...

I love the one of you eating...Ice cream I think? I love the holiday swap/. We do that with our families and it is so much less stress@!!! I am so sorry Ive been a slacker. I'm working on it