Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. George RC Rock Crawling

We went to St. George the past weekend for Jesse's RC Rock Crawling competition. It was great weather and we were able to be outside for the whole day!! Our friends Dani and Collin came with us which was great because Jesse had someone to do the competition with and I did not have to focus my entire attention on the event. (Okay so that sounds bad but you can't pass judgment until you have experienced a RC Rock Crawling event all 12 hours of it yourself!!)

(Content Rock Crawlers)

I also had a friend to hang out with and to go and get our nails all prettied up with!!

(We are Both Soo Happy!!!)

We stayed at my friends house that lives in St. George and had a great time!!! My friend Celina and I have a little tradition of making Stuffed French Toast together and we had come up with an idea on how to make the stuffed part better. It was to used a sandwich sealer to seal the two pieces together. Unfortunately, that did not work out as planned and created some ugly messy circles!! So the quest is still on to make the best and easiest and still be true Stuffed French Toast!! Sadly, we do not have any shots of the trial run but hopefully next time!!


collinanddani said...

Hey those pictures look familiar...Jk we have a LOT more to give you guys. Our battery didn't die for no reason!

Dink said...

I can't wait to see them all!!!

Aubrey said...

I'm glad you guys got to get away somewhere warm and get a little vacation! I'm envious :)

Kim said...

Ahhhh...the sun. Jealous! No wonder church seemed small on Sunday. You guys make up about half=)

Dink said...

Haa haa haa so very true!!! I love how little our Branch is !!!! Yes and I got burned but I have morphed it into a lovely base tan!!