Thursday, March 20, 2008

Winter Sports

The past few winters I have been working on enjoying winter more by embracing the various winter activities that Utah provides. So one year I took ice skating for a class and learned to skate backwards, spin, jump, slide, do some lunges and stick my arms out all pretty. So now when I go ice skating I pull out some very mild tricks and am pretty happy with that level of ice skating mastery for now!! Then I figured I should pick back up snowboarding after my 5 year sabatical after I broke my tail bone. So the first few years I slowly went down the runs, staying on my heel edge (driving all other snowboarders and skiiers crazy with my terrible skills) trying to keep up with my friends. Some kind souls tried to teach me to get to my toe edge and to carve down the mountain but as soon as it got a little out of my comfort zone I was back to my horrible habits!!! Then we learned about Ladies Day at Sundance where all women 18 years and older have weekly ski or snowboard lessons for a month. Okay let's just say what an amazing idea!!! Last year was my first year and I was forced to start carving and stop sliding down the runs and to pick up my speed and even go over some jumps (really a rise in the snow). This year I signed up again and was again in a private lesson with a great instructor who constantly pushed me to be brave and get down the hill. So I can proudly say that I can go down pretty much any black diamond and keep up with a large part of the recreational snowboarders out there. Okay so you will NEVER see me in the Snowboard park or bombing down the hill or hiking up hills in the snow to get the best snow but that is fine with me!! Oh yeah and last year I thought I would give x-country skiing a go and I managed to break my tail bone on some icy run again down a hill. I thought that there were not hills in x-country skiing apparently I was wrong and I regretted it immensely!! Needless to say that is the last time I am doing that sport!!! Snowmobiling was another that was tried and I would have to say it was fun and enjoyable but not something I would love to do consistently!!

(Some of our extended family at the Canyons)

(Bottoms Up!!)

(A Happy Group)

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